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National college student English competition pre -competition, predecessor lecture

School project number:X220480019

[course background]
School of Lifelong Education, Shanghai Jiaotong University is the main body of Shanghai Jiaotong University directly under the second - level unit and non - degree education. The college adheres to the path of coordinated development of the industry to actively promote the publicization of higher education, integrate the non-academic education resources of the Jiaotong University, create a new model of domestic non-academic education, build a global innovation paradigm of Chinese characteristics, in order to build my country's lifelong education system And establish a learning society. The National College Students' English Competition (Later, the Big "is a new model built by the College of Lifelong Education.

National College Student English Competition (NECCS) is currently a large -scale and large number of participants in China. Under the situation where the English teaching reform of our university in my country and the increasingly severe situation of university employment, this competition has become more and more local. The attention of colleges and universities and the majority of college students have become important proofs of their participation and award -winning certificates have become the education administrative department and teaching and research departments of colleges and universities, teaching and research departments, teachers' evaluation, promotion and evaluation. The important basis for studying abroad. The preliminary preliminary English contest of college students will be held on May 15, 2022. In order to help colleges and universities across the country more effective, the School of Lifetime Education of Shanghai Jiaotong University has specially launched the NECCS pre -match lecture.

【Course advantage】

For different student groups, this refined class adopts online participating learning forms to carry out learning activities such as live broadcasts, post -course on -course, online counseling, pre -test simulation and effect evaluation. , Comprehensively improve English ability and effectively improve the results of the competition.
Join the SJTU-LEC NECCS pre-test lecture, you will get:
1. Systematic combing of listening, speaking, reading, writing, writing, writing, writing, writing, writing, writing, writing, writing, writing, writing, writing, writing and writing, and systematic combing;
2. Immersive and companion English community learning experience;
3. & nbsp; diversified learning strategy to improve language communication skills;
4. Cultivation of cross -cultural communication skills, establish language confidence and cultural self -confidence;
5. Construction of your own English and criticism and critical thinking ability.

【Course Module】

Before the National College Student English Contest, the predecessor lectures on several basic modules such as hearing, finishing reading, vocabulary grammar, translation modification, and writing are carried out.

[Teachers Introduction]
The college's English teaching and research team has a long -term experience in tutoring training before the English test exam at home and abroad. The English teaching and research team brings together a group of full -time professional teachers with doctoral degrees, associate professors, and teaching managers with a master's degree in overseas study abroad. It has rich academic education and non -academic education teaching and management experience.

Teacher Feng
Doctoral and applied linguistics from Shanghai Jiaotong University, won the honorary titles such as "Teaching Rookie" and "Excellent Teachers" of Shanghai Jiaotong University, and won the first prize of teaching achievements in Shanghai Jiaotong University; Language acquisition, computer -assisted foreign language teaching, etc. Engage in related teaching and management.

Teacher Lin
Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics at the University of Ningbo, a master's degree in applied linguistics at the University of Sheffield University in the United Kingdom. He joined Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2002. He has a rich first -line teaching experience such as English listening, speaking, reading, speaking debate, and cross -cultural exchanges. The content of the classroom is full, lively and interesting, and pay attention to interaction.

Teacher Ye
Ph.D. in translation of East China Normal University, a member of the Chinese British and Chinese Comparison Research Association, participated in the study of a number of national social science funds projects, the Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Science Fund Youth Projects, and published several academic papers. Excellent Teacher Award and Advanced Personal Personal Title of the Three Education of Shanghai Jiaotong University, have many years of experience in IELTS listening, speaking, reading and writing, Cambridge Business English, English Level 46 Examination Training, and Primary and Advanced Chinese Chinese.

Teacher Wu
Master of Foreign Linguistics and Application Linguistics of Shanghai Jiaotong University, a visiting scholar at McGill University in Canada, and an international examination examiner. Twenty years of experience in English teaching and research in colleges and universities, have long been engaged in English and business English teaching in colleges and universities for a long time, and have more than ten years of experience in training, international education and TOEFL IELTS training experience. Praised by students. He has won the Shanghai Jiaotong University to the Excellent Teacher Award.

Teacher Kang
Senior English teacher in Shanghai Jiaotong University, bachelor of English translation, Master of Master of Communication University of Leeds University in Britain. In the past two decades, the English teaching experience of colleges and universities has been repeatedly rated as outstanding school -level. He has long been engaged in English teaching in colleges and universities for a long time, and has many years of international education and overseas examination training experience. He is good at organically integrating the academic background of language teaching and cross -cultural research, which is popular with students.

Teacher Wang
Senior teacher of Shanghai Jiaotong University, a master's degree in foreign linguistics and applied linguistics, visiting scholars in York University, England. Twenty years of experience in English teaching and research in colleges and universities, he has long been committed to the practice and research in the fields of English teaching, cross -cultural communication, business English negotiations, etc., and has a lively, lively, affinity, and loved by students.

Teacher Xiao
English teachers in Shanghai Jiaotong University, Master of Linguistics and Application Linguistics, have been engaged in English teaching in universities for many years and are familiar with various overseas language examination training. In -depth research on speaking, listening and other examination projects, lectures are dominated by students. Lost affinity.

Teacher Feng
A master's degree in applied linguistics from Northwestern University of Technology. He graduated from Xi'an Jiaotong University in science and technology and English, and has been in the university for more than 20 years. He has rich experience in preparation for international examinations such as university English, graduate English, English majors, and IELTS, TOEFL and other international examinations, and has published a number of textbooks and teaching aids. For more than two decades, the first line of refinement teaching has groped a set of teaching ideas and methods to adapt to Chinese candidates, which is loved by students.

【Registration Notice】
Training object
1. British competitions are divided into four categories of A, B, C, and D. Graduates and students of all grades of colleges and universities across the country can register voluntarily. The School of Lifetime Education of Shanghai Jiaotong University opened AB and CD classes on demand.
2.AB Class: Graduate + English majors, college students participating
3.CD class: Undergraduate students who participated in non -English undergraduates and arts and arts in sports and arts and non -English majors

Learning time and learning method
Deadline for registration: April 9
Less time: April 9th-May 11th
Teaching method: Online live broadcast
Location: Changning Campus of Shanghai Jiaotong University (No. 535 Fahua Town Road, Mayor of Shanghai)

Learning costs and registration methods
599 yuan /person
Scan the QR code to enter the learning platform and sign up directly
Online registration operation guide
New user registration → filling in the registration form → online payment → After the payment is successful, the assistant teacher adds students to enter the class group

This project is non-degree, non-degree project.

School project certification:
The Lifelong Education College of Shanghai Jiaotong University has an interpretation of this admissions guide and retains the right to adjust the admissions.

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