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Together Again | Recap of the Alumni Homecoming Event


Recently, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) Pre-university Program successfully organized its first-ever alumni homecoming event. Students from the 2017 to 2022 batches were invited to participate in this event on the Qibao campus of SJTU. Former classmates, mentors, and friends came together to reminisce and look forward to the future.

Alumni Conference
Followed by a video that brought back the memories of the students who participated in the Pre-university Program, SJTU LEC International Education Operation Center Director Ms. Zhai Ying, delivered a speech to all attendees. She first extended a warm welcome to everyone participating in the event. In the past three years of the pandemic, most students completed their studies online. Thus, this homecoming event holds extraordinary significance for the alumni. Ms. Zhai also reviewed the development history of the SJTU Pre-university Program with them. With the efforts of all teachers, students, and alumni, the program has gained increasing influence among Chinese universities and international students in China. Before ending the speech, Ms. Zhai hoped that the alumni could stay in touch with one another and visit their alma mater frequently.

SJTU LEC International Exchange Office Supervisor Ms. Li Yuanyuan also gave a speech on the theme of “Alumni Power”. She pointed out that SJTU’s International Pre-university Program had experienced remarkable growth during the pandemic, maintaining a high level of student satisfaction, and achieving significant academic results. These are all attributed to the alumni’s power. By inheriting the alumni culture and carrying forward the spirit, SJTU Pre-University Program and its alumni will continue to achieve higher goals.

During the event, three alumni took the stage to speak as representatives. Kevin How Cheng Sii, of the class of 2019, currently pursuing a medical degree at SJTU School of Medicine, shared his experience as one of the first batches of Malaysian National School students studying in the SJTU International Pre-university Program. In his speech, he also expressed his nostalgia for the pre-university school life at SJTU and gratitude towards the teachers for their concerns toward him and his classmates. He is currently interning at Ruijin Hospital and has complete  confidence in his future study in China. He also hoped that more national students of Malaysia would choose to study abroad in China and participate in the Pre-university Program.

JUN WEI LIM and VYANN CHANG, of the 2022 batch in SJTU Pre-university Program, the prospective freshmen of SJTU Antai College of Economics and Management, spoke on behalf of the class of 2022. They expressed their longing for the undergraduate life that they were about to experience. At the same time, they are very grateful to the Pre-university Program and their seniors for their guidance and assistance on their academic journey. In the future, they will also contribute towards the cultural exchange between SJTU Pre-university Program and their mother nation, Malaysia.

Game Carnival
After the conference, the alumni enjoyed the refreshments prepared by the teachers and took part in the game carnival of treasure hunting around the campus. The alumni were split into three groups, and each group was assigned to search for treasure boxes containing postcards according to the clues given. The group that collected a complete set of postcards first emerged as the winner. The alumni visited various campus locations, including the stadium, canteen, academic buildings, dormitories, and the two 700-year-old ginkgo trees. At the end of the game, the winning team received an exquisite prize. SJTU Pre-university Program department customized an exclusive ring for each returning alumni.

Study in China Workshop
In the workshop, every alumnus shared their experiences and insights on their academic, personal, and professional journeys after leaving from SJTU Pre-university Program. One of the alumni, Yuna Wakabayashi, a student of the 2019 class, shared her experience of receiving the offer from Deloitte’s Japan accounting firm. Shyue Leh Chen, from the 2019 class, also presented his participation in an experimental project at the School of Agriculture and Biology of SJTU. Everyone expressed positive experiences and overall confidence in the value of studying in China.

Lastly,  everyone took some group photos together and they looked forward to participating in more events organized by Pre-university Program in the future.

Embrace the memories and create new ones!
Every farewell is filled with prospects
Every encounter is a reunion after a long absence
May the alumni live up to their youth and their encounters
Looking forward to the next gathering
Alumni are always welcome home!
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